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Star OssybuzzRnbBaSH
Rnb saul gigs.usher,chris breezy,beyonce,rihanna.lyrics n many more! Join n Enjoy!

Group Founder: ossybuzz
Description: Rnb saul simply the best.does it make you feel like woow!oo d*mn am high ooop! Just join the base n know more.guest visi
Group Type: Public join
Members: 62
Category: Music > Rn'B & Soul

Topics (6)

go his mistakes. (0) ossybuzz
how many of you like usher track.

go neyo fans (4) ossybuzz
If u are a fan of neyo,welcome us anythin u know abt neyo.any info.

go Who is important in music industry.femal (1) biruh
No ambiguity Females are cruicial..

go Introduce Urself (1) ossybuzz
hello rnb friends.introduce urself us info about you,where u come frm.n many more bobby!

go Usher Raymond (0) ossybuzz
What of this nyc rnb superstar!

go welcome (0) ossybuzz
Welcome to rnb bash.let us talk about rnb.n pliz invite pple to rnb bash.

Polls (1)

go A girl proposes you what would you do?